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  • CSS3 Animated loader

    I was playing with the new iPhone Twitter client, Tweetbot when I saw a beautiful loader, so it inspired me to make an CSS3 one, in the same style.

    What you guys think? :) I’ve tested with FF 4, Chrome 10 and Safari 5.

    Demo Here (check this for animation, don’t forget to click “run” )

  • Today we want to share a music portfolio template with you. The idea is to create an artist portfolio with a discography line up and HTML5 audio player jPlayer. The artist albums are shown using the jCarousel plugin and the user can add song samples to the play list and reorder the songs by dragging them.

    The samples used are from the talented Ivan Chew at ccmixter.org. The original images come from Rick Harris at Flickr. All the albums are fictitious and are only shown for demonstration purposes. Any resemblance to existing bands or artists are unintended.

    We hope you like this template and find it useful!

    Demo Available