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  • 2headedsnake:

    Street art by Curiot (Mexico)

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    (Source : streetartnews.net, via dan-maku)

  • 3D Graffiti and Paintings by Peeta

    Italian graffiti writer, painter and sculptor Manuel Di Rita (aka Peeta) lives and works in Venice where since 2000 he has risen to international fame for his unique 3D graffiti style. Using a variety of shading, gradients and shadows his work often appears to be hovering just off the surface on which it is painted. Peeta not only creates work in public spaces but also creates similar figures with paint on cavas as well as sculptures. Above is a mixture of artworks both old and new, and you can see much more over on Flickr and at Ayden Gallery.


  • Beautifull video painting roller

  • Un peu sur-exposé pour faire ressortir la couleur je pense mais superbe :)

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  • je veux un appart’ / studio comme celui là !

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