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  • When Noise is Good for Lights!

    C’mon noise can never be good or pleasant for anything! This pollutant give me enough grief when they tear down an old building and bring in them drill machines and saws! The only way I’m going to like them is if something useful like sound harvesting is done! Something like the Eco Noise, where these special tiles absorb the noise and convert it to energy to power up the gates with mesmerizing lights display. The idea is sweet, but I’d much rather power just one lamp than have a fancy fence.

  • tarvalanion:


    Life-Altering Public Transportation Vehicle of the Day: First introduced in May at the 13th Beijing International High-tech Expo, the the Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co.’s Straddling Bus (AKA 3D Fast Bus) is designed with traffic efficiency in mind: Capable of transporting up to 1400 passengers in its upper level, while the lower level is left hollow, allowing cars and other vehicles under 2m to pass through safely.

    In addition, construction costs are a fraction when compared to an equivalent subway system, with the added bonus of looking a million times cooler.

    Click through for a demo video.